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Dr.T.V.S.Padmaja M.A., Ph.D., PGCTE, PGDip.Phon.

On this occasion of our marquee amagazine "Recollections", it gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to witness yet another brilliant turnant. Every year is unique in its own way and brings about its own unique learning and experience. With a heart filled with gratitude I look back to recollect many of those wonderful moments. Which all of us have gone through together in this segment of life. Out of every experience each one of us comes out stronger, wiser and more equipped to face challenges on the journey ahead. "Pause, look behind and cherish moments behind you, and the vision ahead will be brighter." .so goes the adage. Yes this is the very purpose of this wonderful magazine of this great institution. The year also commemorates 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekanda who championed the cause empowerment of women in no small measure. Valliammal echoe's this noble cause in its own way. I wish to command each member of the staff and the student community for their sincerity, hard work and efforts put through during the last year and wish to place and record our collective gratitude to the management for all that they have done. The editorial board has done a great job and I am sure the magazine this year makes great reading and relives all the special moments of the year gone by. As we move forward in our life journey let us draw strength from the blessings of the past and make success our own in the years ahead.

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