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The college magazine - Recollections is a melange of emotions, expression, imagination and creativity. It is an excellent medium for this students to share their thoughts and news and display the inherent talents on varied subjects in a variety of languages.

Recollections records the major events and nostalgic moments of history in Valliammal. It is rather a compentium of various happenings in this year, together with the excitment, emotion and euphoria surrounding each one of them.

Recollections also makes interest in reading for every bent of mind in that it is an impressive collection of enlighting articles, informative snippets, refreshing human and a host of other pleasurable reading. It is an outcome of wealth of talent and creativity.

The Magazine Recollection, we hope, while capturing the achievements and essence of a year gone by would lay the direction to go forward and motivate us to reach greater heights.
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